Embracing my natural hair helped me love myself even more. Here’s how..


One morning, as I was staring at my kinky coils in the mirror, after a sad attempt to comb through my untamable mane, I screamed in frustration and threw my comb across the room.

“I HATE MY HAIR!!” I screamed in frustration.

Why is it that so many other people rock their natural coils so effortlessly and beautifully? Why is it that some people can just wake up in the morning, add a little water to their tresses, and have a decent look for the day? This has never been my reality. In fact, for most of my life the creamy crack (aka a perm) and I were the best of friends. I decided to embrace my natural texture about 3 years ago. But until recently, I’ve been wearing protective styles (braids, twists, wigs, etc.) because I believed up until recently that I didn’t have the time or energy to put into managing my real hair.

I decided, this summer, that I am going to fully embrace everything that makes up who I am, including my ultra-thick hair. God created me this way. And while nothing is wrong with a good protective style or weave, I wanted to feel complete without the enhancement. Also, I was very inspired by the action of California governor Gavin Newsom who recently signed a bill banning all discrimination on natural hairstyes worn by men, women, boys & girls in schools and workplaces. California is the FIRST STATE to outlaw something that has been happening for decades. I’m praying that this sparks a trend in other states.

Here are some lessons I’ve learned through this journey of self-acceptance:

  1. I had to educate myself about my hair texture and what it needs to thrive
  2. It’s okay if I don’t look like I should be on TV or in a magazine. I don’t need a glamorous hairstyle to feel beautiful.
  3. My hair doesn’t define me!
  4. There’s a community of other women who are owning and flaunting their natural beauty.

I guess I was afraid of the stares..

I guess I was afraid of the comments I might have to endure at work.

I guess…I was so accustomed to hearing the word nappy in reference to kinks as a kid that I subconsciously still believed to be the truth.

Now, I feel free. I feel as if I’ve learned more about myself. I’ve loved myself and accepted myself for everything that makes me me.

And for my sisters who are unhappy or ashamed of any part of your body or mind, I want you to spend some time lovin’ on yourself. God created you in the palm of His hands. It says in His word that YOU.. YES, YOU, are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are created in the image of Christ Jesus. You are BEAUTIFUL, just the way you are!

Embrace that freedom. There’s nothing like it. ❤

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