Embracing Rejection

Fear nearly crippled me as I stood in front of an audience of prominent faces awaiting my final college presentation. Although the medium-sized space was fully ventilated, beads of sweat began to fall down the sides of my face, my palms perspired unforgivingly. I took a breath of the stiff air that was surrounding me as I began to silently coach myself: Bobbi, you have all the material you need to give a bomb presentation. YOU GOT THIS. You are nervous but no one can see it EXCEPT YOU. Go ahead and knock this out so you can walk across that stage in a couple days!

Suddenly it was as if a veil had been lifted from my eyes and I now saw the confident Bobbi who was more than capable of giving an exceptional final presentation, and…you guessed it! The rest was history. I’ve experienced a pattern throughout my life of being put in situations in which I am forced to face my biggest fears: rejection & failure. Fear of not doing a great job, fear of other people’s opinions of me, and ultimately, fear of not being accepted and having professional doors slammed in my face. It’s so crazy how God will place you in situations that will force you to face those fears, in order to STRETCH you into your greatest potential. I grew up extremely shy and reserved, always the quietest in the room. But God is leading and preparing me for a career in journalism, a profession in which rejection, in one form or another, is inevitable.

Rejection is a Requirement

Biblical history proves this: Joseph faced rejection, Moses, Daniel, Job, Esther, the prophets, and even Jesus faced rejection. God used them to send a message to his people; to show His glory and urge those who didn’t believe to acknowledge God as sovereign King. Just as God used them, He wants to use you and me. He strategically places us in situations where we may be ridiculed, ignored, and rejected so that we can be placed on a platform to show God’s greatness to those who may not believe. I used to look at rejection as an enemy of mine, something to avoid at all costs. But now, I prepare myself for it. It’s bound to happen when you are walking in the will of God! Many of us think that once we surrender our lives to Christ, the hardships and difficulties of life are forever in the past. Sorry hun, hate to break it to you but hardships and difficulties are a continuous part of life. There will be seasons of joy and happiness, but there will also be trying and dark seasons as well. There will be seasons in which you feel rejected, and seasons in which you feel accepted, appreciated, and valued. My challenge to you is to embrace every season, every sting to your spirit that comes from being rejected, knowing that God will never leave you there, He’s got your back!

“For the Lord will not forsake his people; he will not abandon his heritage.”             Psalm 94:14 ESV

Think about it: if everything in your life always went perfect, meaning you’ve never had any life struggles, complications, setbacks, etc. If you were always fed with a silver spoon and never heard the word “no” directed toward you, wouldn’t it be that much harder for God to effectively use you?
There are people that you interact with on a daily that may look like they have it all together, but on the inside are harboring unimaginable pain because of constant rejection, whether it be in their personal lives, professionally, or even spiritually. We must be careful when we’re going through those rough seasons: when we don’t get that job offer we’ve been anticipating, when those people don’t want to hang out with us because we’re “church girls”, we must be careful that we don’t allow ourselves to become so engulfed with fear of rejection that we become complacent, stagnant, and comfortable with not growing. When we give up, the devil wins. Point blank. He wants you afraid to keep stepping out on faith.

Keep Pushing Girl!

Being young & living for God will put you in situations in which others will challenge your values like never before. They may mock you for believing in God. But my challenge to you is to not try to out-smart them, not get angry, not get super defensive, and most importantly, don’t let the desire to fit in outweigh your desire to walk with the Lord. Jesus says in Matthew 5:11-12:

Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven..”

God will BLESS you for enduring the tough seasons of your life. Embrace rejection. God is shaping you into the mighty warrior demon-slayer that you are destined to be. ❤

5 thoughts on “Embracing Rejection

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this article! Your writing style really pulls you in as a reader. I felt as if I was you getting ready for the presentation. Lol! The article definitely encouraged my spirit; beautiful read.


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