Modesty 101

My absolute FAV topic…how to slay while still honoring God with your body. I LIVE FOR THIS! If you’ve read my previous post Why I Chose Celibacy, you know that I was never afraid to show some skin. But as the Lord began to work on my spirit he showed me that I am worth more than my body and the clothes that covered (or didn’t cover) it.

Modesty image 2
Bobbi, before a night out, 2013

I remember looking in my closet one morning at the multitude of skimpy club dresses, short skirts and crop tops and thinking “shoot, Im gonna need a new wardrobe”. I tried to fight it, but every time I walked out of the house in attention-grabbing, thirst-trapping attire I felt as if I was an embarrassment to God. I would think of 1 Peter 2:3:

“But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession…”

I now belonged to the body of Christ. No longer to the world around me. I was no longer a slave to other’s perception of me. I was and still am freed by grace! For a while I felt stuck between a rock and a hard place because I love to look nice, yet I wanted to cover up a little more and had no clue how to find a happy medium. But over time, I began to follow inspirational women on Instagram, did some online research, and started wearing what makes me feel comfortable! I found a few pics on Instagram of women who are still very stylish without showing much skin. Hopefully you will find this useful!

Modesty Collage 1

Modesty Collage 2And here are a few of mine 🙂

Modesty Collage 3

Yes, my loves. It is possible to feel beautiful on the outside without sacrificing the integrity of our souls within. If you don’t see the importance of covering your body, or if you disagree with it altogether, continue to seek the Lord! When you align your life to match the will of God the things you do that aren’t pleasing to Him will become very obvious to you, I’m speaking from experience! Don’t be afraid to ask God for guidance in EVERY area of your life. If you let Him into your heart, he will transform it. Modesty is not about simply covering up, it is an outward expression of the heart. How you present yourself to the world is a direct reflection of the intricate qualities of your inner-most self. It is a reflection of your beliefs and values. It is a reflection of what and how you think of yourself.

If you want that ‘dream man of God’ to find you, let’s just say he ain’t finding you half naked in the club on Saturday. No ma’am. Your future hubby will see the REAL you and fall in love with your mind and character; your body will be an added bonus. But if your future hubby sees you walking around showcasing your goodies, he’ll keep it moving. A real man of God is not impressed by that, mainly because He sees that type of woman everywhere he turns. So dare to be different, go against the grain. God will reward your obedience with a hubby who loves you for the REAL beauty within.

Before you leave out of your house everyday, I want you to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I look like the daughter of a King?” Because guess what, YOU ARE! Once you surrender your life to Christ you are officially God’s child, a member of a regal family, a royal priesthood. How would you dress if you were the daughter of an earthly king? This should be the same way you dress on a normal basis because you are representing something so much bigger than yourself, the Kingdom of God! ❤

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