What I learned from Daniel

I’m so excited because I’m almost finished reading the ENTIRE BIBLE!! I still have about 15 short books to finish up… but to know I’ve put such a big dent in God’s Word is astounding. What’s even more shocking is how much God has spoken to me through His word, how much my spirit has grown. What I love about the Bible is that, although scripture is hundreds of thousands of years old, we still experience the same issues that those people faced generations ago. God’s people turned their backs to God time and time again. Unfortunately today, many of us still have our backs turned to Him. We choose to live our lives according to how society tells us to live, idolizing our clothes, our perception/appearance, our boyfriend, money, lust, you name it. But the difference between those Old Testament times and now is that we have a Savior who came to Earth to die, so that we may find freedom by grace! God loves you and I so much, that He offered His only begotten son to atone for our sins! Now we have a chance at everlasting life!

Daniel is one of my favorite books of the Bible because it is almost a direct depiction of our current society. To give some quick background history, God’s chosen people, the Isrealites, were sent into exile to a foreign kingdom known for worshipping false idols. Daniel was a young man during the time of the exile and was chosen to serve in the king’s court. He remained faithful to the Lord throughout his life, in spite of the challenges he faced in a foreign land and the threats to his life that were made against him.

One of the biggest acts of faith recorded in the Bible is the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. We’ve all heard of it: Daniel was thrown in a den full of hungry lions as a result of praying and worshipping God out in the open (there was a decree signed by the King which required everyone to worship only him and no other gods). After Daniel was thrown in the den, the mouths of the lions were shut. The next day, Daniel was pulled from the den with not even a scratch!

One very important lesson I’ve taken away from Daniel is this:

Always remain true to your beliefs and values, regardless of your surroundings

Trust and believe that God takes note of your obedience to Him, especially when you could have easily chosen otherwise. Daniel did not let the fact that he was in a different country, with a different king, who served different gods, stop him from serving the One True God of his fathers. We must also mirror his strength. We live in a world where Christians are compromising their faith to blend in with the world around them. There are Christians who are bending scripture to justify their lifestyles. Ladies, let’s never fool ourselves! If you want to know how God feels about your life, if you want to know what is right and wrong, what is honorable to God and what isn’t, GO TO THE WORD! Go directly to the source because unfortunately today, we can’t look up to just anybody.

Daniel Image

Stay true to the truth of God that YOU know for yourself…not what others may tell you or show you. Reading the Bible is so important, because we live in a world where being led astray is as easy as falling asleep at night. Not only does God reward obedience, He relies on our obedience to help others know Him as we do! Daniel’s obedience led to King Darius professing to the world that God is “the living God, enduring forever” (Daniel 6:26 ESV). He wants to use our obedience for His glory as well! I challenge you to honor God with your life more than you already are. Whether you spend more time every day in prayer/reading, whether you choose to fast, whether you buy a homeless man something to eat, you decide! The more we honor God, the easier it is to obey him. Are you up for the challenge? ❤

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